It’s a Thankful Time of Year…

Recently, I decided that I would take on the challenge of sharing the things that I was grateful and thankful for in my life throughout this month. So far these are my moments of Gratitude. Enjoy, inspire, and share!

Day One of gratitude for feeling so blessed and full of appreciation for the love God has shown me by giving me this life. It is wonderful and I continue to find his love everywhere around me;

Day Two of gratitude was for the blessings we receive however big or small they may be…every single one is a miracle of its own;

Day Three of gratitude was for the little gems of places that I can find within the city I grew up in-great to keep living, and learning;

Day Four of gratitude is for being born a black girl…but not only that…becoming one that is intelligent, talented and skillful, creative and able to make opportunities not only for myself,but for others as well. I am grateful that I am a Black Girl that Rocks!

Day Five of Gratitude is  for being very thankful for a loving husband. We are two imperfect people that have found God’s perfect love for us in each other. He knows me, sees me, accepts me, and loves me at my worst and therefore he deserves me at my best. I’m thankful to experience the sanctity of marriage with him so that we can be our true selves, safely, with each other. As we grow as spouses, I am thankful that we are also growing in our friendship! Thankful that we inspire each other to “grow up” in ways we hadn’t thought of before. Today and always, I have gratitude for my Hubbs…I love you

The journey of thankfulness continues….



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