Gratitude Flows

This week we celebrate one of my favorite times of year, Thanksgiving. All month I have been sharing my gratitude for things in my life. My list continues here…

Day Six of Gratitude: I am grateful to the people of my yesterdays that on today I could do something that they have longed for and fought to do. I am grateful for the freedoms of being an American and for those that my ancestors have paved the way for me as I pave the way for my people of tomorrow. Voting is a decision that shouldn’t be and isn’t taken lightly. Every time I exercise this right and privilege, I feel empowered that my voice is being shared and heard. You will never hear me dismiss an opportunity like this. And with that, I’m grateful that the BEST man will be victorious in the end.

Day Seven of Gratitude: I am today grateful for my career. It not only provides the income with which I can live my lifestyle, but it is also is a source of pride, passion, and purpose. I may not be able to “save” every child I come across, but if I can be a difference and influence to at least one along the way…life is good. The work I do is a blessing.

Day Eight of Gratitude: I am thankful for my career and the opportunities it presents for me to better myself as a person and as a professional. I initially began to feel nervous and overwhelmed with this opportunity, but in the end, my presentation partner and I rocked it and we were able to bestow some good information onto our fellow counselors and network with some wonderful folks! Boom…done and ready to move to other great opportunities for growth!

Day Nine of Gratitude: I am feeling grateful to be a part of the lives of two wonderful beings that are growing into good young adults. I may not have been there from the very beginning, but Devin Gaines and Ayanna Kelly please know that I will always be there for you until the very end… I believe in you and wish you all more and more everyday.

Day Ten of Gratitude: I am especially grateful that two of the greatest children on this earth have bestowed the honor upon me of being their aunt. When Inaya was born I wasn’t even sure of what she would call me let alone what kind of aunt I would be. Then with Kali’s arrival, I watched as Inaya explained to her my role in their lives: parttime mom, friend, play buddy, confidant, cheerleader, advocate, and even GodMother…I am blessed to be their aunt.

Day Eleven of Gratitude: I am extremely grateful for the freedoms that I have in my life. I know that these freedoms have come at a high cost to many lives and thank yous,other gratitudes will never be enough. However, I do want to express appreciation to those vets-ones gone and those still serving- and their families that also haven give up a lot. I want to thank especially Pops, my daddy, and grandfather for their service and sacrifices to give us all freedoms.

Day Twelve of Gratitude: I am grateful for having intelligent, caring, funny, and courageous people to work with. They are not only wonderfully talented at what they do, but they are passionate about their crafts. The world of education continues to evolve and so does our population of clients, but everyday, my coworkers step up to the plate and figure out ways to reach and teach each one. They also go day in day out without a thank you…but I thank you today and always for your hardwork and dedication.
Day Thirteen of Gratitude: Today I am grateful for the message of Peace that I kept receiving throughout the day. I am always searching for a peaceful mind, body, and spirit. I am grateful to know that God is with me and gives me lessons that make me be still to know his grace, that I am given lessons in adversity so that I am strengthened and know/understand his presence. I am grateful to know that I don’t have to fall into fear but into faith…and from there, my peace will come.
Day Fourteen of Gratitude: Thankful for having wonderful friends that expand your horizons and that you can learn from any and everything from the most ratchet to the everyday things to make life better and even to the most cultured of experiences that I may have never thought of. I love my circle(s) of sistafriends.

Day Fifteen of Gratitude: I love being a part of such a DiSTinguishing organization like Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. This sisterhood is unlike any experience I have had and I love that it is a part of my life’s journey. I am thankful for the ties that I have with my LSs and the love and support we share. Thank you Sorors for all that you do for our sorority and our communities! OOO-ooopp

Day Sixteen of Gratitude: I am beyond blessed and thankful for the family that I have! Friday nights are pretty much our time to gather and spend time to catch up and see one another. This Friday they came to our home and we had a wonderful time. I may not have chosen them, but so happy that God chose them for me. Thank you family…I love you! And that is to all of my cousins, in-laws, and “adopted family” too!
Day Seventeen of Gratitude: Thankful for the wonderful men in my life. And especially of those that are men of Omega Psi Phi, Happy Founders Day! My father is and grandfather and uncle were members of this wonderful fraternity and have done great service to our community through them. #ColemanLove
Day Eighteen of Gratitude:Today I’m thankful for my mother’s enthusiasm for the Holiday season…she loves this time of year and her infectious spirit doesn’t end until well past New Year’s. Even though she makes a big deal out of any celebration in our lives, she holds the Holidays close to her heart. Thanksgiving was her father’s favorite and Christmas was her brother’s fav. Today as we began t

o shop in preparation for our meal on Thursday, she was getting so excited…which in turn I caught her fever…looking at Christmas cards, discussing decorations, how should the stuffing be prepared, should I get cranberries for Pops to make a sauce…it went on and on. It felt really good and for that I feel blessed!
Day Nineteen of Gratitude: Today I’m blessed to have two special guys in my life that make up my immediate family. I love spending time with them and it is a blessing in how much joy and happiness that they bring to my life. The little things like having breakfast together while we wait for Rocky to be ready at the groomers to playing at the park have made a world of difference in my world. Can’t believe how much they have changed me by their mere presence. #MarriageandaDogGoodfortheSoul

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