The MidWeek Thoughts of the NewlyWifed Chic

With the holidays upon us things are of course a little chaotic! Just left the grocery store and now boiling sweet potatoes for a pie to do later. In the midst of the crazy, I begin to think what can I do, besides having a glass of wine, to calm my nerves and relax? Believe or not, from my experiences and some research, coloring is actually a stress reliever. Then I came across this site from a counselor friend of mine that has free printables to color in… pretty cool! As much as there is  importance in all gathering together, there is also importance  in taking time for yourself! I know that it’s not easy and often I feel “guilty” for using this time..but in the end, it makes for a better time to be around and with me! So don’t neglect yourself…

Peace. Life, Love, Faith


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