Sometimes this is what it takes…

I finally did something for the betterment of my life, health, and hopefully much more! On last Thursday, I had surgery to remove six fibroids (two quite big!) and conquered my fear of the hospital. I wasn’t sure what to think of the experience, leading up to it, for I’ve never been in the hospital nor been very ill or broken anything. It was weird and almost like an out of body experience the entire time I was there. Everything had gone very well and I couldn’t have asked for a better team of doctors and nurses to look after me the entire time there and that eased my worries, fears, anxieties, and…I’ve come home feeling lighter with a smaller tummy! Praise God!

Now being on the other side, in recovery, I can say that I know I needed this. Mainly because I now have no choice but to sit on my behind and heal…completely. I am not one that really is used to others taking care of me, even though it is what I desire (what chic doesn’t?), it doesn’t come easy for me. But God knew that I needed this as well, because I had been so busy “doing”  and going through life to a point where I was almost feeling under-appreciated. Now, I feel the love…my Hubbs, my mommie are taking direct care of me and wonderful family and friends have called or come by to check on me. A chic couldn’t ask for much more! Love is love…

Before, I spoke of healing completely…I want to renew, refresh, and redefine my spirit as we approach the end of the year and begin a new one. I want to read more, write and blog more (challenging myself to post everyday!), and really do more “being” for we are human I need to learn to just be and be just me! And sometimes this is what it takes to just that!

Here’s to a full, speedy, healthy recovery and more!

Infinity of Love Tattoo idea

Peace, Life, Love, Faith


3 thoughts on “Sometimes this is what it takes…

  1. We are >>>here<<< on renewing & refreshing our spirits. My medical leave time was AWESOME for me to get rest, refresh from work stress, write & even meet someone! Now that I've returned to work, I'm trying to keep the same perspective & continue the lessons learned from medical leave:
    1) pray & meditate daily
    2) focus on accomplishing what I can only do for that day; don't worry about tomorrow or next week or next month
    3) balanced life is a happy life!

    Side note: check out BlogHer site for December's NaBloPoMo challenge for blog posting. They also provide a list of writing prompts too.

    • bymochachic says:

      Yes!! I’m hoping that I remember what I will learn when I return to work..but I need this time. I was getting very stressed at work for sure!

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