What I’ve learned about Christmas from Charlie Brown

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been trying to get into the holiday spirit. Last week, the Hubbs and I watched one of my absolute favorite Christmas specials, “Charlie Brown Christmas”! It always brings back such fond memories of my Christmases at childhood. The simplicity and innocence of that time was so special and I didn’t realize it until I grew up. Now Christmas has become so commercial and I’m always making some crazy mad dash to decide what to buy everyone (things they don’t need and might want) and being gluttonous by eating out so much and drinking at parties, and it goes on and on. And what does all of that have to do with the season???

That is what I’ve begun to ask myself! And it always goes back to….What is the reason for the season? I know that in my faith, it is all about the birth of my savior, Jesus Christ! And as a child, knowing this was also why this time of year was so mystic and magical! Now…I want to return this festive time to that beautiful, peaceful, and communal spirit. I wish for it to go back to things being simple…just like what Charlie Brown was wishing for. And like him, I’m looking forward to creating that for me and my family and friends!  Here’s to the reasons for this great season!



Peace, Life, Love, Faith


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