12 Days of Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! *in my best singing voice, which still isn’t that great*

How appro is it that the first day of Christmas (in the twelve day sequence) this year is 12.12.12!! This will be the last time this happens in our lifetime…and I know some people are wondering what is the big “hype” of the day, well you have to admit that it’s so cool to see the date lined up in that way. However, in some ways it does feel magical, especially since we are in the Christmas season! I am finally feeling in the spirit…tree has been trimmed (with a few more things left to add…), I’m beginning to “shop” seriously for gifts and thinking of what people would like to receive. The joyfulness of the season is beginning to take effect on me!

One of my favorite carols has always been The Twelve Days of Christmas and I would imagine receiving those gifts on each day. If my love was to purchase them for me today at cost it would come to a grand total of $107,300.24. WOW!! That is crazy…but instead I would settle for a simple gift that reflects us and what we share instead. With this in mind…I decided to give him a gift each day leading up to Christmas to celebrate us, the season, and a culmination to this year. ‘Tis the Season! Enjoy…

Partridge in a Pear Tree



Peace, Life, Love, Faith


One thought on “12 Days of Christmas

  1. I’m in the spirit of the reason for the season. But I’m not really in the spirit of shopping or going away for the holiday. I finally put up some decorations around my apartment & the door wreath was hung on the door just two days ago! It’s kind of weird this year for me. Maybe because I need peace & not the constant running around typically associated with this time of year.

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