Life has tragedies

For two straight days (Friday & Saturday), I sat and watched the TV in disbelief, shock, horror, and with tears steadily streaming down my face. My heart and prayers are with the families in Newtown, CT…all of them. Everyone has been affected in some way by this crisis and two thoughts kept swimming around my head:

1). What if something like that happened at my school? When I’m in that building, I know I am my students’  “parent” so I’m going to do all I can to protect them. I wouldn’t want to put myself in harm’s way, but what do most parents do on a daily basis for their children?

I also feel that the work I do is sooo important! I have known that for many years the mental health of our youth has been in peril/crisis for a while. We have to do better to check on those that we consider “weird”, “off”, “crazy” or otherwise behaviorally or mentally challenged to get them help and care. This is no longer an issue or concern that we can put into prisons, special schools, or even on the streets…we have to take care of these fragile human beings. Yearly mental health physicals are imperative! So on to get my LPC!

2). I want to be a mom…my arms kept wanting to wrap themselves around my own baby. My maternal instincts have been so strong in the past week, but the decision was solidified for me on that day through the trauma of it all…I want a little person that reflects me and my husband that we can love, protect unconditionally and strive to grow into someone that makes this world a better place.

Life has tragedies..but there also just has to be roses that can grow from the concrete…



Peace, Life, Love, Faith


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