Almost Mid-Week Thoughts of a NewlyWifed


Is it OONNNLLLLYYYY Tuesday?! Really? Oh okay…I really need for this week to hurry up some because I’m pooped already! Being back at work full-time has been a blessing, but I am instantly reminded by a slight tinge of my incision  that I’m still recovering. But ain’t nobody got time for that! I have to prepare for my Brunch and Books girls to come over on Saturday and Founders’ Day celebrations with my sorority sisters as well. However, already this week, I’ve had a few thoughts that I wanted to share:

1. The school that I work in is very diverse and I greatly appreciate that! Today I spent the day speaking to some students about the advantages/benefits that this presents for their futures. But the day started with dance practice for the staff contribution to the festival we do to celebrate our diversity…even in that group there were so many different types of folks that will participate! So much fun!!!

2. This Girl Scout Cookie selling is becoming a no joke kind of business! These little ones are turning into real hustlers! But I am really hoping that their troop leaders spend time with them when things die down and discuss the experience and why it is important and what the money does for them and the organization. I would not like to see this turn into just some money making competition. But when I tell you the anty has been upped and the “game” has gotten fierce…please believe me and watch out for them!!! They will corner you any minute…my own cutie pootie niece included!

3. Being the ever romantic (hence why I must get this love with infinity symbol tattoo!) that I am, I am already thinking about Valentine’s Day! I have already put the Hubbs on notice that he should be thinking of the master plan of celebration…lol…but I’m thinking of some cute surprises for him as well. When we got married, I vowed to myself that as a wife I would try my best to make him feel special and show our love as much as possible…so most days should be Valentine’s Day!  But I think it would be cute for us to come up with a nice tradition on that day….any ideas or suggestions? What do you do to celebrate and keep the love alive?

4. The Pinterest addiction got at an all time high during my recovery time…and it hasn’t seem to cease! Even this week alone I have tried two recipes from there and they were a crowd pleaser! I’ve also gotten other great ideas for my DIY crafts and things for the home (I’m so sick of our space and want to do more with it until we move!) so it has become a part of my “thing” in the evenings…please check out my boards and be sure to leave your link to yours in the comments so that I can follow yours as well!  Here it is :

Thank you for indulging me and reading my thoughts…share with me…what has been on your mind?

Peace, Life, Love, Faith


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