STOP…the World! I want to get off….



This is the sentiment I have had today as well as what I have entitled the sculpture in my home pictured above. Life is always crazy, but for whatever reason it seems so “extra” and frankly my dear, this Southern Belle has had enough. She wants OFF!! If it was plausible, I surely would jump off for a bit so that I didn’t have to deal with…school shootings that don’t make sense, or any other shooting for that matter deciphering who is to blame for the state of our youth and why they are in crisis…is it the school or the parents? Is it the music or the video games? Is this just weird sign of our times? Why does the economy have all of us in such a funk? Why can’t we find a way to overcome and make a “new normal” to get back to happiness?
I’m sure we will and all will be right with the world again so I can get back to my writing indulgence…

Peace, Life,Love, Faith


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