Moving Mountains…

As I mentioned in a previous post (probably some time back in January…I know shame!), that I was reading a book entitled, “I Declare” by Joel Olsteen. I finally finished it today and so glad that I did. It will be for sure one of my go to spiritual sources and I recommend anyone that wants to see change occur in their life to read it! The biggest lasting message I got was actually at the end. It is summed up into this statement “You should declare that your mountains move. Declare to each mountain, ‘Be removed’, and you will have what you say.” And you might be wondering…what are mountains? Mountains are anything that is holding you back from being your greatest and being able to be that all God is planning for you to be. Is it an illness, debt, depression, marriage strife, or other relationships? Whatever seems so big and “permanent” in your life, it is temporary…tell it to be removed.

I definitely have some “mountains” in my life…but I’m so ready to move them out of my way and on to bigger and much better things! I definitely feel more faith and beginning to feel like I’m coming into my passions. I have declared these things to be a part of my life. This is an exciting time and I’m welcoming it wholeheartedly. Feeling inspired to move out of my comfort zone and into destiny…

What have been some mountains in your life? How did you move them? How are you being inspired to move from your comfort zone? What else in your life are you Declaring?


Peace, Life, Love, Faith


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