Leaping…but not looking

For the month of March BlogHer is using Risk as its theme for the month. I embrace risk because it symbolizes change to me. And as I might have said before, change is one of the constants in life…it is bound to happen! There are times when you have to take risk in order to allow or make change happen.

Today’s prompt is do you look before you leap? As much as I am a self-admitting planner…there are times when I do not look before I leap. I use my intution, my gut, my inner spiritual voice to guide me into what may be the best thing to happen. This happened when I decided to leave Atlanta and move to the DMV area. The decision was indeed a leap of faith that followed and it served me well for I “grew up” in those four years (even more than my years at ‘Skegee). If I hadn’t decided to leave the comforts of my Southern roots, I wouldn’t have found my poetic voice, nor my ‘Sex in the City’ independence, and found a different kind of grown up love.

The next time that I decided to leap and not look was when I got engaged. I love my Hubbs, but I had always envisioned a different way that this big change of life would go down. We had been together for nine months when we go engaged..I always thought we would have been together for at least year. But again, that voice spoke, the gut was tugged and I leaped. No planning, no pros or cons just fell in love and leaped into being a Mrs. Now I’m finding my way with s.w.a.g. (sexy with a goal).

As I approach my next milestone in life…turning the fabulous and forty this summer, I look forward to finding ways to continue my risk-taking so that I can continue to change and grow. No regrets…and sometimes that’s the way you have to live. Leaping…but not looking!




Peace, Life, Love, Faith


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