Whateva Wednesday

Happy Wonderful! Even though it’s only a four day week at the full-time..it is quite a busy one (as always)! However…there have been “messages” spoken to me all day and I just have to share (in no particular order of course).

1. My passion is pushing through! The more I keep working in counseling, the more I see its benefits (for all, but especially kids) and what is needed to fully be able to do greatness with this. I’ve been praying and asking God for my “purpose and passion” to reveal itself and slowly I believe this is becoming the case. I have big ideas and getting excited about the possibilities!


2.  Today’s date just struck me because of all of the 3’s in it. I love the number 3…means completion. Along with that I also kept hearing the message about “waiting” and that you should still be “doing” while you wait. As well as message of being in the present creates happiness for you (not anyone nor anything else…only YOU can do that for YOU!).  I am always finding ways to increase my faith and focus on what I need to do for this creates happiness for me. So often I have to remember to be still…

3. I am looking forward to doing some more DIY projects in the near future (it is past time to do something new around this place). I can’t wait to post some of them once they are complete. However…I’m thinking of how I can possibly change things around for it to feel and look more different…sigh..I’m ready to move! 🙂 but given the economy and etc. it will be a process that will happen soon but again..will take time. Then I came across this quote and loved it! Definitely applies to this “problem” or any of them for that matter! Definitely will be striving for a new attitude…



Lastly, I have been using the phrase, “living in the sunshine of my life” when people ask how I am doing. I kind of like it and definitely makes me feel a lot happier and positive vibes are coming this way! So remember, look for laughter in everyday, love the life and moment you are in, and live in the sunshine!


*pictures from Pinterest

Peace, Life, Love, Faith


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