Almost Mid-Week Thoughts of a NewlyWifed

I have to say that today’s post is more than just my thoughts…I have a confession to make as well. Please bear with me for it has been forever since my last confessional (the Catholic upbringing in me never dies). So here are the thoughts that have been swirling around…


 dis·ci·pline is defined as an  activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill

 I have had a strong desire to do so many things, however, my discipline has been lacking…the passion is there…but the drive does not match. This is a hard confession to make. I have always been called tenacious  and courageous (still am at times). However, the older I have gotten and the more I seek, the less I believe I may be in courage and determination. I mean, I start out doing good and with good intentions…but somehow or another, I wane.  I want to discipline myself enough that I am able to do all things that will make a better me! Exercise daily, eat healthier, maintain a fresh do, mani and pedis, monthly massages, reading more books, magazines, blogs, and writing on this blog daily, spending time with friends, family, and mostly…complete more things on my Living Life to the Fullest List (see list below). Which is all about coming out of my comfort zone, being in the moment, having more experiences, and living life, well to my fullest. I still have a ways to go before the year ends (which is when I originally intended to complete this). But as you can see friends…I need more discipline!!! Or maybe just become a little more selfish and not focus on everything and everyone else…hmmm. Where does your discipline come from? Will I have more if I increase my myself and God?

My list is in no particular order:

1. Promote my blog and possibly a brand

2. Publish my poetry book

3. Get a tattoo

4. Travel more (within the US and to islands)

5. Skydiving

6. Rock Wall Climbing

7. Pole dancing class (really learn a routine)

8. Open mic night (recite a poetry piece)

9. Increase community service

10. Monthly RAOK

11. Run/Walk two 5Ks (doing one next weekend…Color Run)

12. Exercise at least twice a week for a month (to kickstart!)

13. Horseback riding

14. Road trip with the Hubbs (more than a 5 hour drive)

15. Photo shoot (lifestyle & pinup)

16. Trace family history/genealogy

17. Finish Specialist degree and begin to work on license

18. Learn a language (spanish and/or sign)

19. Cooking class

20. Snorkeling

21. Go to a shooting range to learn how to shoot a gun

22. Follow the 52 week savings challenge

23. Watch the sun rise or sunset on top of Stone Mountain

24. Share God’s word to at least one person a week (definitely doing this more now)

25. Smile everyday ( at some point…because what’s the point in frowning?)

26. Take a dance class (one alone and one with the Hubbs)

27. Go to a strip club

28. Take pictures to photojournal my life for a month

29. A trip with my mother and sister

30. Eat completely clean one day a week (more likely to be a vegetarian meal)

31. Speak up for myself more (it’s okay to not say yes to everything)

32. Host more gatherings with friends (including a full dinner party)

33. TV free one night a week (beginning in February-Mondays seem like a good one to use lol)

34. Move closer to being debt free

35. Learn a new hobby/talent (sewing,photography or knitting)

36. Be a tourist in Atlanta for a day or weekend (even throw a dart at the map and go there to see what is what in that part of town!)

37. Go to the makeup counter and get a little makeover

38. Visit Georgia wineries

39. Between God and I 😉

40. Between God and I 😉

As the scripture above says, it feels good to be lazy for the present time, but oh think of how much better I would feel and how much I could gain,  if I took the time to “train” !!! I must do choice! Must leave the comfort of the zone I’m in and step into my magic…to make things happen!

Thank you for allowing me to get that out of my mind! Love that I can do that here.

As always, please leave some love and share with me your thoughts!

Peace, Life, Love, Faith


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