Doing what you have to do

It’s no secret and I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before how I have a disdain for Mondays! So today was no different. However to compound things slightly was my voice or there lack of…which would’ve been fine…but… Needed to be a part of the makeup testing journey. Sigh….so instead of despairing, I got cute and put on some snake print shoes with a dress and sweater. Then at last minute decided to add the snake skin bag! Cute indeed! Love animal prints, heck any print for that matter, in my accessories. It not only kicked my outfit up a notch, but my attitude as well. I was able then approach the day with my do what you got to do attitude. Now day is DONE! Handled the testing, talked to/inspired a few kids, did homework, light cleanup and now QT and sweet dreams with the Hubbs. Wow…all it took was stepping into the right shoes and frame of mind…
And doing what you got to do!!


Living in the Sunshine,


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