The almost mid-week thoughts of a NewlyWifed

Today was full of those moments when I just had to go hmmmm….

But the biggest hmm that I had was when my colleagues and I were at lunch and like we do most days, we were discussing the “state of our youth”. *Shaking my head* you have to admit that they are interesting. Today’s discussion started because one person shared that they had heard about how  most companies are passing on hiring some of the more recent college graduates. Why, may you ask? I mean, aren’t they “fresh”, “innovative” and “bring new eyes to industries”? This may be the case, however… and I mean however…the answers to why they aren’t getting hired are because they are too casual in speak and dress for interviews, too informal and quickly familiar with those that in are in the authoritative/hiring role, some have brought their pets and even their mothers with them!! Speaking of parents, if they don’t attend the interview, then they have been known to call the interviewer to inquire about the performance of their child’s interview!!! Yes…people this is too much and it made me go hmmmmm….

What exactly have we done to them for THIS to happen??? We continued to mull this over and throw out ideas like, maybe we (meaning the parents/adults in their lives) made them our “friends”/equals and not our children? Maybe we gave them too much because we knew what it was like to go without? Maybe we just want so much for them..but what do they want for themselves?? Hmmmm….

I conclude that it is a perfect ugly storm of all the above. Then it made me think did our educators and elders think this way about us? Did they think it was no way on God’s green earth would we “get it together”???! I’m sure they did..but what I also know they did was to treat me as a child, commanded (not demand) the respect of being an adult, and reminded me that I had friends and they were my age. They made us earn the things we were given, even the treats! This was not because they didn’t have the money, but to show us what it meant to earn it! You want a new toy? Well then bring in good grades! You want to go out this weekend with your friends? Well then make sure all chores are taken care of all week. And I have to say that I knew my parents wanted to (and still do) give my sister and I the world..but we earned our spot and what we got and I’m a better person for it. I treasure the things (people and situations) in my life that I have earned. They are blessings! Lastly, the elders in my life instilled in me a fire that burned bright in my belly. So much so that I had to figure out what to do with it…and I still am. That fire is ambition…its resiliency…its confidence that I will be something and someone!

Unfortunately, I think our youth are lacking those things and I wonder when will things turn back around to the way it once was. If it’s not broken, don’t fix or get rid of it! But, I digress…

I will do my part by trying to impart the wisdom and life lessons that I can on any that care to listen and learn. And when the time is right…my very own will understand and know how wonderful the ‘ole way works! Hmmmmm


Living in the Sunshine,



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