The almost mid-week thoughts of a NewlyWifed

I speak to my mother on the daily basis. In fact, if I didn’t she would have something to say and would hunt me down! So in true fashion, I call her mid-day to check on her. In our conversation I was mentioning how I am ready for summer break. I know that I want this summer to be about increasing my knowledge and talent/abilities. I will be taking two classes for my specialist degree and then I mentioned to her ” We are going to learn how to sew this summer!”. On the other end, she laughed and laughed…then replied, ” I know how to sew…you will be the one learning!”. It was funny because this is true…

Then I tell her how much Mimi G’s blog and the latest clothing trends are inspiring me on this journey. She said that she would take a look at her blog and she might even purchase me a sewing machine to aid in my learning (we will see…I sure hope so!). My dream is to become pretty good so that I can whip out cute peplum tops, pencil skirts, jackets, and etc whenever my heart desires! Oh we can only hope… But I look forward to spending the time with my mother and learning something new (I can feel my brain synapsing everywhere already!).   As soon as the learning begins, I will show off some of my projects. Should be exciting!

Now what to get her for Mother’s Day?!! 🙂


Living in the Sunshine,



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