Sometimes you have to give yourself a Shout Out!

“i found god in myself
and i loved her
i loved her fiercely”

― Ntozake Shange

This is one of my absolute favorite quotes! It should be a mantra of women on a daily basis. On yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day and this quote speaks to that occasion. As I thought of what I should write on Facebook as a tribute to my mother…I thought of how she instilled in me to seek God first and everything else will follow. And that is what I wrote as a part of the tribute. This is so important to me because it has been so true. Every time I have looked for God, things would fall into place for me and doors and windows opened with favor that I have not known would happen. Thanks to the love of my mother, I am able to experience this.

The quote above reminds me that God is within, I can reach him/her anytime in anyway. And it also makes me think of how strong, beautiful, confident, and courageous I should be! That’s God! Such a boost! I need to embrace this more…make it a part of my Happiness Manifesto. And when the time comes, I will instill this in my child, as my mother had done for me.

meandrockyLiving in the Sunshine,



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