The almost mid-week thoughts of a NewlyWifed

Hi all! This week has been crazy and pretty much intense at the full-time since we are beginning to close things down. However, it’s always nice to get a little surprise in the mail like I did today!
Awhile ago I signed up for the GlamBag on Ipsy for $10/month and I received my first one today. So cute and can’t wait to really try things out. I received a makeup bag, nail polish (in a minty green color), roll on perfume, concealer(which I normally don’t use), lotion, and a lipgloss! Will report back on what I think of them.
I began to think that I need to stay glammed up not only for the Hubbs, but for myself and I love getting surprises in the mail! I’m also debating about joining Beauty Army ($12/month) and/or Angel Beauty Box ($20/month)…we will see. But first thing first is to enjoy my first Glam Bag! Cheers to the mid-week(well almost)!
Living in the Sunshine,





3 thoughts on “The almost mid-week thoughts of a NewlyWifed

  1. How cute! I haven’t heard of Angel Box before – going to hit Google to check them out! Happy Tuesday!!! Enjoy your glam pack πŸ™‚

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