It’s almost Summer!!!


I can not wait for this week to conclude for it represents another fast paced, hopefully productive, school year in the full time gig! It also is the beginning of my new focus…growing MochaChic, taking care of “home”- that includes the Hubbs, and having more life experiences! On my list (from this post was to do some new things and improve on what’s going on in my life. I have to have reminders that this list does exist and like with any list, I want to cross some things off! šŸ˜›

Riding in the car yesterday with the Hubbs, it struck me that I not only wanted, but need, to something big from “MochaChic”! Initially I was thinking of a community serviceĀ initiativeĀ and then the brainstorm rant went from there. Please know that I take my dreams a little serious and would love to see them come into fruition. So stay tuned to see what great works come from this wonderful thing. I was also thinking more and more on branding…then pow! There in my inbox was the video from Leslie Young about the BLMGirls events to be held on August 31st…perfect! I get to learn how to really do this blogging, branding, and wonderfully creative outlet a lot better than how it’s been going so far. I can’t wait for this experience and learning opportunity!!! Besides, it will be the beginning of my Fabulous, Foxy, and Forty Chapter in my life and looking forward to it…

Going along with the theme of new things, I am learning more that I’m craving more life “experiences and memories”! Sooo I’m looking to have more social time with family and friends (finally going to use that pool and our HOA fees to the hilt!) with pool time, cookouts, drop-by cocktail gatherings(I have some great ideas to share)…just whatever will bring folks together to enjoy one another. Then when it’s time to settle down…I want to create an oasis of relaxation for the Hubbs and I. I truly still feel like we are newlyweds. Therefore, as we approach the two year mark in the fall, I want to continue to solidify our foundation. And who knows what is to come for us…. baby, maybe??????????? Yes those question marks….huge ones! Ā LOL! That’s just whole other phase to prepare for…so we aren’t quite there yet. But at least the discussion is there…

I will also continue classes for my specialist degree, so life will be busy…but I’m so ready…for it’s almost Summer! Cheers…

Living in the Sunshine,




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