The almost mid-week thoughts of a NewlyWifed

Yes! It’s Tuesday and almost the last day with my “adopted babies of the little red schoolhouse”! Time for their parents to get in on the fun! 🙂  In the midst of the busyness of these days I’ve been thinking…
1. I’ve got put some variety on this blog!! I thought about some of the blogs I read, especially of my gals in BLMGirls. They all have great content and can be so insightful and at times the humor I may need in the day. At times I feel like my blog is missing something….maybe I’m not sharing enough of “me”….but why? Am I afraid to be that exposed? But if I don’t expose “enough” how could I possibly be authentic in the telling of my story?!! Wow….

2. My exercise “routine” (yes, I use this term lightly!) needs a kick in the butt! First…I need to get serious about one that I will do at least 3 times a week.  I find that I’m in a better mood and feel a sense of accomplishment when I do workout. But how to stay motivated? Maybe this little move will get me going! Will add it to my squats, 30 second plank, and other quickies! Being back on Fitness Pal is also helpful…such great accountability to what I’m putting in my body! I feel real guilty having to record some things that cross my lips….so it makes me rethink it! Is that what it is supposed to do??? :-/

3. Speaking of routines…hoping that I can fall into one that I can schedule all of my different hats into: wife; counselor; student; aspiring blogger; improving relationships with family & friends; legacy builder and time for self! What do you do to create routines in your life? Advice is greatly appreciated!

Definition Of Routine

So as you can see…some things were just on my mind. So glad to share…now please share some insight! As always..grateful.

Living in the Sunshine,



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