The Struggle is real…but I’m finding peace

Hi y’all! I know that it’s been a while, but this little summer break thing got off to a busy start! Instead of me being able to be a southern belle of leisure…I’ve been doing homework, spending time with friends/sorors, getting a new ‘do (check the beautiful Senegalese Twists that took hourrrsss to get done), starting to exercise more and beginning a few DIY projects around the house. But I’m loving it!! I’m actually finding happiness and peace in all of the things I’ve been doing! Check out the pics:

Having fun:

me and summer hat love

A quick photo shoot!

DIY project:


Before/During (it was black)


After Beautiful White!

Checking off my Living to the fullest list:


Whitewater rafting was the Best!

And exercising:

have to start somewhere

Trying to make the bicycle my friend…


Using the Fitness Pal App to track progress

     Going to go off now and enjoy the rest of the summer! What have you been inspired to do this summer? Is it helping you to focus and gain peace in your life?

Living in the Sunshine,



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