Sunday Visiting






On Sunday, my sister and I had a date to one of the places we have always talked about visiting! And one can not be a true native of Atlanta without going to this historic spot!
Some months ago I purchased a Hand-picked Scoutmob deal (shouts out to Scoutmob….please get to know them and their great deals!) for a hour and half guided walking tour of Oakland Cemetery. Creepy sounding, at first, I know…but what a great learning experience it was! Our guide was very knowledgeable and didn’t mind sharing little nuggets of history throughout the day.
Established in 1850, Oakland is now the forever home of 70,000 Atlanta residents and quite a few are notable…Maynard Jackson, Bobby Jones, Margaret Mitchell, and the Rich brothers. Among the sites we noticed many resting places of families for which streets, cities/areas, and landmarks are named for. There are also an African-American, Jewish, and Civil War soldiers’ sections in the cemetery. We plan to return in a few weeks for the tour of the African-American history (can’t wait to share that!). The entire place was so beautiful and serene, therefore giving me opportunities to reflect on who those people may have been, the impact of their lives on our city, and what legacy will my family and I imprint.
By learning more about my beloved city, I feel that my roots are growing deeper and wider. There is much more work to do, but it was great to begin with the end in mind!

Living in the Sunshine,


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