Almost Mid-week Thoughts of a Newlywifed

So here it is Tuesday evening and I’m sitting under a dryer to try out a new style on my transitioning hair! Last night’s attempt was a fail this morning. So I’m hoping that this new one will work. It’s trial and error with this thing…but you know, so is Life!
I’m always prayerful that God grants me and mine a smooth passage on this journey. But honestly I’m beginning to embrace the challenges and slight obstacles along the way (still trying to come to peace with setbacks…too hard at times). I’m embracing them because they help to form the journey, make me appreciative of what I get and hold on tighter to it. God made me (and you) promises which are delivered on but sometimes they have to be delivered through some trials and errors for you to know that it was a God given blessing.
So that leads me to also praying that things go well with my hair in the morning! 🙂 Also on this path to becoming natural, I’m learning more about my hair and how we can better coexist. I want it to be healthy, so that means I have to take better care of the body it’s on. I also feel a great sense of pride in ME. I don’t feel that I to conform to other standards of beauty, but instead define it for me and only me. Yep this being forty is indeed making more comfortable in my own skin. What about you!? What trials have you journeyed through? What makes you feel good in your own skin?
Just some thoughts….


Living in the Sunshine,


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