What I know now…because of 2013.


Hello Sunshines!

The time has arrived to welcome a new year, new opportunity, a do-over, a refresh, a reset…a new endeavor! I want to say that 2013 was a good year to me, however, it was filled with many lessons learned, a few difficult, that I’m still reflecting on and wondering, “Why Lord did I have to go through that to learn a lesson?” O_o  However, what I know now is because of this past year.

The three (because that’s my fav number) things I learned in 2013 were:

1. Sometimes you have to have more than tenacity to make it through this journey called life. You also have to have perseverance, resiliency, and know who is for you (and only worry about those people!). These qualities will not only help you reach your goals, but also through the valleys of struggle that may come along. There were some times of loneliness in the valleys that I experienced and I dug deep within to come through that. It took me strengthening my faith and sharpening the aforementioned qualities to climb me up and prepare for more dips along the way. At the end of this year, I am stronger and better because of it all. This I know now.

2. You have to learn to face the fear of your fears. One of my fears is heights, although I still want to go on a hot air balloon ride and possibly tandem skydiving! Turning forty this year, I wanted to begin to be more daring and not be afraid to live outside of my “box” (that’s where the real life lessons happen right?). Therefore, my husband, keeping to my “theme”, he gifted me a ziplining experience. I was frightened! But the more zips we went on, the more I relaxed, the more I began to enjoy the ride and take in the whole scenario and what was happening. For once, I truly began to live in that moment! That event led me to be open to a wonderful date night with my husband on the new ferris wheel here, SkyView Atlanta! The views of our city were amazing and again, I was able to live in the moment with him and not be concerned about being waaaayyy up high and the fact that it was slightly windy (the gondola did shake some)! As I reflected on why I have this fear of heights, I narrowed it down to it being about “control”…so yes I’m admitting that I have a slight control freak issue. However, because this is also stressful for me at times, I know that I have to work on facing the fear of my fears to become a better me and LIVE life instead of just going through it. And everything always won’t be perfect…or in my control.This I know now.

3. In order for change to arrive, you have to shed who you were before.  This year, I shed the habit of relaxing my hair. I am taking my transitioning to a change in life and a new me from not only the inside but to the outside as well. I had my last relaxer, I think, in May before installing twists. Once it was time to remove the braids, I pretty much decided that I didn’t want to relax my hair anymore and there the movement began of  becoming a Naturalista! I had often thought about transitioning before, but was very afraid to (again scared of letting go the “control over what my hair would be like”) for I had not seen my natural hair texture before (more on this in coming posts!).  Now, I am welcoming this opportunity to grow not only my hair, but also my knowledge of who I am in this experience. It has so far been a rewarding and loving opportunity. This I know now.

I am thankful that this year taught me these things and that I was able to accomplish so much! I am looking forward to many more lessons, AHA moments, and blessings of eye opening, moving forward events in 2014. What I also know now is that this blog is a great forum to share this story in and therefore, please be looking for posts in Life & MochaChic  at least twice a week ( I now have more time!)! And as always, please share by commenting and sharing posts that speak to you in some way! Here’s to a wonderful 2014 and much more to know!

Happy New Year’s Eve Sunshines! See you in 2014…

Living in the Sunshine,







6 thoughts on “What I know now…because of 2013.

    • Alison thank you so much! And yes facing the fear was fun and a worthy experience! Happy new year and wishing you the best! And please stop by often!

  1. I love the last one…the way you expressed it as ‘shed’ your past self…the act of shedding is very instinctive in that animals shed their coats and skins for each new season…I think that is a great way to look at moving yourself into your own season…shedding the old you to prepare for the new season.

    • Thank you so much! I couldn’t think of another word that perfectly described what it is that I felt was needed for change! I am excited about the new season and the blessing to come! Wishing for you the same this year. Please come back often to see what’s happening.

    • Thank you so much! And yes it was such a great and freeing type of accomplishment! Can’t wait to see what else I face and conquer in 2014. Please be sure to come back often and continue share love by commenting..it truly means a lot to me. Thanks!

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