2014 & One Word

Happy New Year Sunshines!

Already I feel more at rest and at ease with what the new year may hold me and everyone around us! If everyone continues to claim the great and positive vibes in the year, we could all very well pull off a successful one. As for me, I am looking to speak many things into existence for my life this year. Not necessarily are these resolutions, but life improvements and life enhancements of the enriching kind. Later in the week I will be making a vision board, something I’ve always wanted to try, in order to help with these goals coming into fruition. However, in preparation, I began to ponder on what one word would I use to focus on and hone in on all that I would like to accomplish. I even used an inspiring activity from fellow blogger, Michelle Garrett of Divas with a Purpose ( http://www.divaswithapurpose.com/2013/12/one-word-2014-2/)  to help me narrow down my one word for 2014.  Finally, I came to the word PEACE.


This word seemed to encompass what I am looking for in everything I will accomplish and experience in 2014. Peace in my spiritual walk. Peace within and in the relationship I have with myself. Peace in my marriage. Peace in the new family we continue to create. Peace in the new home to come. Peace in my relationships with family and friends. Peace in my career calling and path. Peace in my finances. Peace in the impact I will make by helping others. Through enriching life experiences and opportunities, I hope to honor this peace. For through peace, I feel that I can also reach other goals of having a life full of gratitude,happiness, success, adventure, and love (which were other words I thought of before). Peace will be the word I focus on when I prepare for each day. Peace will be the focus of the scriptures that I mediate on. Peace will be the word I look for in the midst of the struggles and obstacles that will come for me to grow from. With this foundation, I can build my vision! I can’t wait to share with you all my completed vision and how things come to past through this year!

As always, please share with me your one word (by all means complete the activity that Michelle shared) and your vision for 2014! Looking forward to learning more from everyone!

Living in the Sunshine (peacefully),


ps. Thank you so much to my book club sister Jamika for the beginning of the inspiration by gifting me the Peace stone in the pic above. I should have known that it was just what I needed!


2 thoughts on “2014 & One Word

  1. Peace is a wonderful word! I hope you and your family have a peacefilled 2014! It is a word that makes so many things possible and opens so many new options for us.

    • Thank you Joanna! I agree that with peace so many experiences and opportunities will be open to me and my family. I’m wishing a wonderful year to you and your family as well! Please come back often to share your thoughts with us!

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