5 Mid-week thoughts of a NewlyWifed

AHHH Wednesday! Definitely my favorite day of the week, possibly because I like to take time to reflect on the week thus far and what else needs to be accomplished the rest of the week. These reflections always results in the most random thoughts, that I always want to share! So here we go,

1. Living…happy today. I’ve declared that I will be faithful to God by choosing happiness, love, and trust instead of depression, fear, and doubt/worry! This song always puts me in the happiest of moods and frame of mind! I mean with the catchy beats and the lyrics being right on point, Pharrell has a hit on his hands (not surprised…been a fan for years!) and I just have to share it with you. It’s become my next theme song and trying to find a way to have it as my song for my alarm clock (maybe it might help with me not being a morning person…lol). Enjoy…

2. Loving… the life I was blessed with! I know that I’m my worst critic (like most women are…why do we do that to ourselves?) and I have to remember that despite my flaws, I need to take time to love on me. So I’m beginning to eat healthy and work out again. I am promising myself to also get back to my creative side (hopefully writing more poetry), and trying to focus on building the life I want to live. The following video was shared with me by one of my dear line sisters and it just had me all in my feelings! It is so inspiring and I plan to keep it in my arsenal for those times when I need a boost. I hope you enjoy it was well.

3. Laughing…which I tend to find a way to do daily! I know it might be crazy that I still refer to myself as “NewlyWifed” although we have been married for a little over 2 years. But I am still learning daily about this marriage thing. Something that I thought about this morning was how our relationship with each other is seen through the eyes of others. There is  no denying that my husband is a social butterfly and enjoys making people laugh. However, what I’ve found is that in that and in our relating with one another, he brings out more of that side to me. We end up complimenting each other pretty well. In fact, someone made a remark last night about how we must have a lot of fun together. We do…but like any other marriage, we also have our stormy times as well. I’m just happy to say that so far, the happy days and laughter do out number the other ones.

4. Random… I often wonder about Motherdom…it’s not a secret that if we are to have more in our family that we have to get on the stick! Since I work in a middle school (which is birth control by the way), I often see parenting mistakes and parents that rock this thing. However, I also know how worrisome and anxious I get (but working on it, see #1) I can get! In fact the other week, the furbaby had been sick off and on over the course of a few days and the Hubbs and I were up one early morning really concerned about him. I began to fret…what will happen to him? I so love him and wish I knew what was wrong? how can I soothe him right now? All of the things a mom would think! And this is just my doggie here…not another human being. So I wonder how much will I be cut out for the role of someone’s mom, although folks always say oh you are going to be a great mom!  Well….

And then there is this feeling & thought that I had over the weekend…so many friends are having little ones. And I began to realize that I hadn’t talked with one particular friend in awhile. Then I panicked in thinking that, is this what happens when you become a mother? do you die…socially? meaning everyone “forgets” about you or is too busy to check on you? or are you too busy to become “social” again? I have declared that I want to improve my relationships with my girlfriends this year and after hanging out with them, I always feel “fuller” and a piece of me feels at peace. So I need that…so the question begs to be asked…how much “happiness” do you “sacrifice” by becoming a mother?  Selfish I know…but then I come across articles like this one,  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/13/childless-couples-happier-kids-study_n_4589368.html , where it says that childless couples report that they are happier and have a more fulfilling  relationships. I agree to an extent only because I always said two things about my marriage (even before Marrydom): divorce is not an option and the marriage is first priority, then children. But what do you all think??

5. WordLove… I miss writing poetry…I really do. But I want to get back to my creative writing roots and finally publish my book that I’ve talked about forever! But here’s a beginning to something that keeps “visiting” my thoughts..a string of six word stories:

 Meant for me? We will see/ Love never ending, is only beginning/  Intense heat, builds the diamond.Priceless/ Sing a song, my heart knows/ House of music, House of happy/ Go without, see what you need.

Just some thoughts while living in the Sunshine,




4 thoughts on “5 Mid-week thoughts of a NewlyWifed

    • You are welcome Stacey! Both of these videos just lift my spirits right up! And that article…has me thinking for sure! lol…have a good week and come back to visit.

    • It is indeed a choice… But how crazy is it that we often forget to remember this and choose those things that make us happy? But I am looking forward to being more conscientious about it!

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