It’s the day of Love…

Sunshines…those closest to me know that I am a true romantic at heart and I am in love with love! So it being Valentine’s Day, I’m in my true element! However, over the years, even though I’m married now…I am not as excited about Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy and celebrate it big. But I’m learning how to show my love and celebrate those that I care about on a daily basis and not just letting them know on this day. I’m also learning that love is a journey and it’s one that my heart has chosen to persue, learn from, and enjoy to find the happiness it desires for my life. What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? How do you celebrate your love for yourself and others? And Sunshines…Happy Valentine’s Day!



2 thoughts on “It’s the day of Love…

  1. AWWW Thank you so much Eatbreathetravel and you do well in reciprocating the feeling as well! As always, thank you so much for the support and showing love to my blog!

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