Walk a mile in my shoes…

Hello Sunshines!! I know that I’ve been a little MIA (ok, ok..a lot!). But please charge it to my crazy busy fulltime and life in general and not to my heart ❤ ! However, things are beginning to wind down (last full week at the little redschoolhouse!) and then I will have more time to “visit” with you all more often. I’m posting today, because I came across an article on “Fast Company”, which is a really cool print/digital magazine that discusses all things innovative. And I mean innovative in all aspects of life. Well, this particular article (here: http://www.fastcoexist.com/3030598/this-brilliant-app-lets-you-swap-lives-with-a-stranger-for-20-days?partner=newsletter )  discusses a new app, coming soon to an iPhone near you, that allows a stranger to be privy to a little bit of your life on a daily basis for 20 days. The article states that it lasts long enough to build some sort of connection with someone but short enough for them to have a sense of what your life is like.

A few things struck me when I thought about what this app is about:

  • Empathy…let’s face it, this world is not too kind and can be hard to find someone who gets you or understands your daily life. But empathy is a key tool to making the world go around and just really work! So by having someone get a little peek into your life, maybe they can understand you.
  • Connection…on an everyday basis we “connect” with others and are privy to what others want us to know about our lives through various avenues of social media. I’m especially guilty of feeling like I truly am not a stranger to those I follow on InstaGram! Therefore, I wonder how much more “connected” will you be with someone else through this app?  Also, do we need another way of “connecting” through technology? We really need to do more connecting face to face! I’m just saying…
  • Privacy…alright, the devil’s advocate in me is wondering how much will the app really share and possibly how this can be used by parties that are not looking to be a part of such a project, but would use it for ill-will. I’m always thinking of how much to share with others (especially on here) and how “transparent” to be in order to create an authentic experience of empathy and connection. I’m beginning to come to terms about how “private” I am, but will begin to be more open in my coming posts! However, I am not sure how ready I am to share my daily going ons and “routines” with a complete stranger through an app…besides, isn’t Big Brother always watching?? Just may be another C-O-N-spriacy! We will see…will let you all know if I do decide to try it out!

I love to be on the up and up when it comes to technology and being a part of innovative projects. I believe it comes from my thirst of knowledge/learning, but also my desire to be in the know and using it to find new ways of living! What do think about this new app? What are some other ways we can experience this without the “creepiness” factor?

IMG_3742Living in the SunShine,



2 thoughts on “Walk a mile in my shoes…

    • Awww thank you baby! I love that you are very supportive of me and the things I strive to do for our family! I think it’s a cool site too..would you want to try it out?

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