It’s summa, summer time….

photo 4Hello SunShines!! This summer has gotten off to a good start…have had some lazy days and busy ones! Also have started some home projects (really want to transform this place some more), so I would say things are going well! But one thing that is bothering me and I can no longer avoid…my recent weight gain! I’m still petite and wearing my size 8s…but I’ve let things get a little out of control. I’ve got to get on the ball with this and make it happen…for me! So here it is..I’m finally having to be accountable to this, so I’m sharing with you all the before pic and hopefully more posts of pics showing progress! I know it won’t happen overnight, but something has to change! I am starting to use my FitnessPal app to track and watch what I’m eating, as well as beginning to do some form of exercise daily. I need all the push and support I can get! Also if you have any other suggestions on building my endurance (I’ve been sedentary waaaayyy too long!) please share them with me!

Here is where we start!

Here is where we start!

As always, thank you so much for reading!

Living in the Sunshine,



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