Joy! Joy! Joy!

Let’s raise a joyful noise…it’s 2015, SunShines!! I can’t share enough about how excited I am about this new year. So far it’s off to a wonderful start..I’m ready for new beginnings of forward thinking and movement! So I’ve been reading, praying/meditating, making new routines, changing out some old habits, and most of all forming my vision for this year! Everything in me and what I’ve been reading has said that in order for my vision to come to its fruition I must plant the seed and keep it in front of me consistently. Therefore, I choose one little word to focus my thoughts and plans…JOY! Then I took some time one afternoon to create a vision board. This was my second year in doing this and I found it be a wonderful exercise of truly thinking what I want in my life for this year. Last year’s was good..but this year’s board I’m so in love with!! I keep staring at it and have placed it in a spot that I can look at it when I wake up and go to bed. Which is perfect for me to keep my vision in front of me…


After working on the board, I was then able to write down more specific goals…not resolutions…goals! I am also trying something new where I will try to meet my goals within a 90 day period before I either move on to something else or build upon the goal I was focusing on (which is more than likely what I will do).  I’ve also made sure that I scheduled on my calendar Me Dates which are monthly and I want to make sure that I’m doing something cool and nice for me…this will be refreshing! Oh Joy! I can’t wait to see what this year holds for me and all that I love!

Did you create a vision board? What plans are you keeping in front of you that you want to see come to pass this year?


2 thoughts on “Joy! Joy! Joy!

  1. Tamara Henson says:

    LS, Thanks for sharing your vision board! It is on my action item list to complete for 2015.

    • Thanks so much for reading! Please do make sure that you complete a board…it was not only fun, but helped me to put so many things in perspective! Please share it with me when you are done!

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