New Beginnings…

Can happen at anytime, SunShines!

For the past few weeks, each morning when I  would leave for work, I would notice this bird flying from underneath the roof of our parking garage. I begin to view as a “welcome”  to the day and a reminder to soar….be great!

But today was different for me and my little friend. I was just parking the car, getting bags out of the backseat, and closed the door when I hear a bunch of chirping. I looked up and saw my little feathery mate fly swiftly away. However, I kept looking and noticed a nest with  a little birdie in it! OHHHHH how sweet! Was totally not expecting that! However, as I was walking away with a smile on my face, I began to think that it was not only a reminder but also a sign to me that new beginnings are on the horizon. Thank you God for the beautiful verification… I receive it!

Living in the light,


2015-05-20 07.41.14


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