She gets it from her momma


I awoke today with excitement. Not because the sky was crystal blue and the air feeling crisp and light letting me know that fall may reach us yet. Nor because it is Sunday, which is becoming one of my fav days of the week. It’s all because we get to celebrate the beautiful spirit that is my Mommie for today is her Bornday, her birthday, her Earthday!! I can’t say enough about how special of a person she is, not just to those that she loves and loves her. But to anyone who has the pleasure of her gracing their presence! 

The other day a friend remarked about my selflessness and it made me wonder where I may have gotten that from. Didn’t have to think long…I get it from my Mommie! There is no doubt that she gives of herself continuously and with a smile! I just love her for that. I’m even more happy to say that she is not only my Mommie but as I’ve grown, she has become one of my friends in my inner circle. I like to go to her for guidance and confiding in. I can only pray that I become half the woman she is today! 

This day and everyday, Mommie we celebrate you and love you! We thank God for you, your love, your compassion, your prayers, and life lessons! Happy birthday!!

Living in the light,

MochaChic (Court)



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