Strength in Numbers


As I reflect on some recent events in the lives of those I care for, cherish and love, the old adage about the hand being more mighty when the fingers are formed in a fist comes to mind. They are together…strong!! Separated they are fragile.

That’s how one’s village should work and be. Lately I’ve had similar discussions with others about the sense of what a village is and its importance to our present society. As my mother pointed out, The Front Porch Society was where as a people we sought our help and therapy. The village took care of you when you needed it most. They even made sure that all of the children were supported and advocated for in schools. There was strength in those…numbers.

Today we are scattered all over the place, even within family units. We are left vulnerable and sometimes defenseless. Even angry, afraid and without solutions. After reflecting, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not only important but vital to our productivity, existence and well being to identify who’s in our village, why and how to maintain it! Who will you count on as a strength in your number?

Living in the light,




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