What’s in your bag?


In my job as a Professional School Counselor, I’m often discussing with my students about the importance of remembering that everyone has “stuff in their bags”. At first, they often give me a weird, but quizzical look.  Then I let them in on the “secret” by saying that we are all going through something in our lives-whether it’s emotional, physical, or mental. We all have our “stuff ” or as they say “issues”. Well…that’s our “bag”!

Now the lesson that comes to play here is that you,as an outsider, don’t have any clue how “heavy” other’s bags are nor how much longer they can carry it, or even how much more they carry! So it’s so important to treat everyone with a little more tenderness and care. The world is a hard place and that they just don’t need to be anyone’s addition to their “bags”.

I wanted to share this with you all today because I was thinking of my own bag. And I’m going to be honest…today it feels heavy! Initially I wanted to vent and complain about this. Shoot even throw it over to the side somewhere! But as Louise, my grandmother, would say, it wouldn’t do a bit of good. So why bother? I also try to keep in mind that when I complain, I also need to bring a solution in its place.

Therefore, what is the solution to this burden I’m carrying?! Well, first thing first…an attitude of gratitude! I’m grateful for my life! I live it and I love it. May not care for what happens in every single moment of each day, but it’s mine to make the most of. Expressing and thinking of what I’m grateful for always lightens my mood and take something or another “out of my bag”.  Another solution or thought is  to not be fearful of the bag…don’t harp on how heavy it is or how heavy it can be. It’s a testament to my living, my choices and even other’s love and belief in me! It’s my dash (The Dash)!

And speaking of belief…have y’all been catching the docu-series by Oprah, “Belief”?! I have been enjoying it so much! Learning a lot and extending my belief in God and the goodness in humanity. Share your thoughts with me!! What’s in your bag? What are you believing in?

Living in the Light,




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