Choosing Joy

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/joi/  a feeling of great pleasure and happiness


Each day we face comes with its own set of choices to be made in it. And I don’t know about you all, but I often feel overwhelmed by them and then don’t “feel like adulting”. I must have felt this way when I came across the ad on Facebook for MantraBands (have y’all seen those? of course you have!). I felt the need to have a “mantra” in my life and in deciding (another choice to make) which one I wanted, I reflected on the act of making choices. Ultimately, I chose…“Choose Joy”.  Little did I know how useful and important this bangle would prove to be in my daily functioning!

In order for me to not feel so bogged down by the choices I have to make, I think to myself, is it life or death?  This helps me to gauge the level of intentsity or importance of what I’m stuggling to choose. It has helped a bit to calm my anxious spirit, however, when I look down at my wrist, I have the best answer of all..choose joy. For me, this means three things.

Firstly, joy is one of God’s Fruits of the Spirit! So any choice made based upon what brings my spirit joy, has to be the right one for my life. Y’all know I’m on a constant and consistent journey to strengthen my Faith walk, so it feels right to have my choices grounded spiritually. This was reinforced when I came across Isaiah 61:7 as my verse of the day on yesterday. It says, “Instead of shame and dishonor, you will enjoy a double share of honor. You will possess a double potion of prosperity in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.” How awesome is that?! So why not choose joy when you have this promise from God given to you by His word?!

Secondly, there is joy to be found in the everyday chaos  and even in the calm of little things. I am learning that even in “the struggle” I can choose to find  joy because I know that on the other side of it is a blessing! That alone brings me great joy to know! When things don’t seem to go as smoothly as I desire them to and I must decide how to approach it, I often go to the panicky, frustrated side first and then in my “talk” with God, He shares with me (time and time again) that in order to have what I want, I always (and I mean always) go through something. But He never fails me…he reminds me that it is worth it and joy comes in the morning.

Lastly, choosing joy is an inside job. It takes work to come out of some of your negative feelings to choose something as beautiful as joy. But the more I experience it, I see how it helps to bring me a sense of peace, helps me to create the life I want to live. When I need to become centered again, I look at my bangle and think, what can I do to bring joy to my life right now? Often, the answer is also finding ways to share that joy with others especially when they need it most.

I’m smiling and slighlty laughing at how something so simple as a bangle with a phrase stamped on it has impacted the way I make choices in my life now. But hey..whatever works and makes life more simple and pleasurable, right?!

Share with me what you do to make life more simple for you, especially when it comes to making decisions and choices for you!

Living in the Light, 






2 thoughts on “Choosing Joy

  1. I love this! When you said, “…the answer is also finding ways to share that joy with others especially when they need it most,” I thought to myself that, that’s what it’s all about. Helping others to find joy inevitably brings you joy. Also, finding something at the end of each day that you’re grateful for, helps you to “choose joy.” What ends up happening over time is you are finding things to be grateful for throughout the day. And it’s definitely a choice. Thank you for sharing this!!

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