Year 19


Tomorrow begins a new chapter in my life…year 19 of my professional career! It’s amazing because I really thought that I would leave it by the 10th year, but here I am! 

Although I’m sad to say goodbye to my lazy and relaxed days of summer, I am also ready to take on another year of making a difference. In order to prepare for the first day ( like an anxious little kid), I’m thinking of all that I need to be sure is packed in my bag. Then I come across a book I bought for my summer reading that I didn’t get around to yet (and stilling reading another one). It’s “Fervent” by Priscilla Shirer, from the movie “War Room”. I am grateful that I found it now. Because the one thing I need to be prepared and to use throughout this new year is a major thing that I can’t pack in my bag. It’s prayer!

I’m always working on my spiritual life, y’all know that, and a big part of it is learning to be a better prayer warrior. I’m excited about reading this tome and using the strategies presented to achieve that. Also can’t wait to see the impact it has on my personal life and my professional experience. I will let you all know what I learn and what happens. But in the meantime I must get to my book. I just wanted to remind you how grateful it is to have employment and being prepared for the job in different ways, especially through prayer. 

Living in the Light,



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