Life is funny…

You all would not believe the “journey ” I’ve been on these past few months since my last post! I just reviewed my last post and saw how excited I was feeling about the new school year and really psyching myself up for it to be a great one. So far, it has been good and quite busy. Buuuttt, I’ve been cheating on it! I’ve been feeling that same fervor and more for something else! I’ve fallen in love and there is no going back!

I’m also a firm believer that no experience you have is a coincidence nor something that “just happens”. God orchestrates all opportunities to bring his Will and your life purpose to you! That’s what happened! I’ve done this career for 19 years, especially when I had no idea if this is what I wanted to do, so that I could be brought to where I am today. This career and the people I have connected with along the way are why I’m beginning to dream bigger and more about what God has in store for me to do!

I know that I haven’t specifically shared what that is, but I will soon! It’s just really good to dream again and to know that it is all for a reason bigger than me!

What have you dreamed of lately? Or are you still dreaming with your eyes closed?

Living in the light,



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