Who is MochaChic?

My love for writing has been a long journey.We have been through single life lived through journals and poetry to now… the blog journey through my life as NewlyWifed, a Diva of Delta, a full-time counselor,aspiring blogger, and everything in between about the life in Atlanta that I am living.

I’m C. Arin and here is my place to share my stories on the life being created around me…decorating, hostessing, writings, growth, life lessons, and even my personal opinion of books, products,movies and all types of adventures (if you care to know)! I’m loving the life I’m creating…Please join me on my journey. Enjoy it and take it in like it’s a breath of fresh air!

My Identity©

Abundance of aptitude, awareness of self.

Becoming a brand and

Creation from chaos into calm and compassion.

Defining my destiny DiStincTively.

Evolving, embracing, and empowering a
Growth and gift of
Humility and honoring my
Individuality and its inspiration.
Justifying how I’m a
Loving life and laughter
Making them the motto of my motives.
Optimal optimism to open my mind-that of a
Poet with potential. Proving that my passion of proverbs and
Quotes for the
Remembrance of my roots have reshaped my
Spirit. Silhouettes and souls showing strength in
Tales of
Upliftment and unity.
Vitality of values and
What it all means.
X identifying the
Yesteryears and beyond.
Zesting after the zeal life offers in the world around me- to form my identity.


(C. Arin)

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One thought on “Who is MochaChic?

  1. Dorian Harris says:

    Ms. Atkins:

    Its been MONTHS that I have been trying to find you. please email me. Im a senior at Grambling and will be graduating in May. I have a lot to tell you and thank you for. PLEASE respond.

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