Life is funny…

You all would not believe the “journey ” I’ve been on these past few months since my last post! I just reviewed my last post and saw how excited I was feeling about the new school year and really psyching myself up for it to be a great one. So far, it has been good and quite busy. Buuuttt, I’ve been cheating on it! I’ve been feeling that same fervor and more for something else! I’ve fallen in love and there is no going back!

I’m also a firm believer that no experience you have is a coincidence nor something that “just happens”. God orchestrates all opportunities to bring his Will and your life purpose to you! That’s what happened! I’ve done this career for 19 years, especially when I had no idea if this is what I wanted to do, so that I could be brought to where I am today. This career and the people I have connected with along the way are why I’m beginning to dream bigger and more about what God has in store for me to do!

I know that I haven’t specifically shared what that is, but I will soon! It’s just really good to dream again and to know that it is all for a reason bigger than me!

What have you dreamed of lately? Or are you still dreaming with your eyes closed?

Living in the light,



Year 19


Tomorrow begins a new chapter in my life…year 19 of my professional career! It’s amazing because I really thought that I would leave it by the 10th year, but here I am! 

Although I’m sad to say goodbye to my lazy and relaxed days of summer, I am also ready to take on another year of making a difference. In order to prepare for the first day ( like an anxious little kid), I’m thinking of all that I need to be sure is packed in my bag. Then I come across a book I bought for my summer reading that I didn’t get around to yet (and stilling reading another one). It’s “Fervent” by Priscilla Shirer, from the movie “War Room”. I am grateful that I found it now. Because the one thing I need to be prepared and to use throughout this new year is a major thing that I can’t pack in my bag. It’s prayer!

I’m always working on my spiritual life, y’all know that, and a big part of it is learning to be a better prayer warrior. I’m excited about reading this tome and using the strategies presented to achieve that. Also can’t wait to see the impact it has on my personal life and my professional experience. I will let you all know what I learn and what happens. But in the meantime I must get to my book. I just wanted to remind you how grateful it is to have employment and being prepared for the job in different ways, especially through prayer. 

Living in the Light,


Chik-fil-a, Publix, and Nordstrom


I’m sure you may be wondering why I have brought up Chik-fil-a, Publix, and Nordstrom in the same post. Think for a minute about your experiences at these places…pampered, efficient, even productive. More than anything, I am grateful for them for their brands, which always, in my opinion, equals awesome service! 

Service that is consistent no matter the location and who is serving me at that time. It doesn’t matter the time of day, day of the week, week of the month nor the month of any year. It’s their pleasure, a pleasure, and an opportunity to reinvent yourself! How awesome is all of that?!!

So I say all of that to say, I’m grateful for service. And more than anything, grateful for the call of service on my life. God asks that in when we show love to him and gratitude for our blessings, that we do it through service. “So I have reason to be enthusiastic about all Christ Jesus has done through me in my service to God.”‭‭Romans‬ ‭15:17‬ ‭NLT‬‬

 I love serving others and when I do, it brings light to my spirit! As I think on these brands, I desire more to approach my service to others in that way…hoping that they found the experience pleasurable, I gained pleasure in the exchange and that on some level we were reinvented in some positive way. Remember,  sharing your light through service breaks the darkness in others. 

Living in the Light,


Blessing of Hope


Ever since I started writing down my daily gratitudes, I often take a moment in the day to check to see what I’m grateful for at that point. It’s a nice way to breathe, evaluate my day and is a great pick me up! If you haven’t already tried this, please do and you’ll see what I mean.

Well today was no different. Although it isn’t over, I made a point earlier ( while on the massage table) to focus on my gratitudes. To be honest,  I also did this because I hadn’t been as on top of this new habit lately! As I laid there thinking, I referred back to my devotional for today, which highlighted Hope! I love the word Hope! 





a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

Y’all! I can’t tell you how much I needed this word! I’m  grateful for it! I’m in a place where I’m shifting to a more positive mindset and increasing my Faith. As I see it, in order to do these things, I must start with Hope! 

Hope says that the impossible will be possible.

Hope says that although tomorrows are not promised, but there is A tomorrow. 

Hope says keep asking, keep praying, stay faithful…I’m the way to it all. 

My birthday is a little less than a month away and I want to share a few of my daily gratitudes with y’all leading up to the day. This will help me stay the task as well! Let me know your thoughts on gratefulness and Hope! 

Living in the Light,


Choosing Joy

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/joi/  a feeling of great pleasure and happiness


Each day we face comes with its own set of choices to be made in it. And I don’t know about you all, but I often feel overwhelmed by them and then don’t “feel like adulting”. I must have felt this way when I came across the ad on Facebook for MantraBands (have y’all seen those? of course you have!). I felt the need to have a “mantra” in my life and in deciding (another choice to make) which one I wanted, I reflected on the act of making choices. Ultimately, I chose…“Choose Joy”.  Little did I know how useful and important this bangle would prove to be in my daily functioning!

In order for me to not feel so bogged down by the choices I have to make, I think to myself, is it life or death?  This helps me to gauge the level of intentsity or importance of what I’m stuggling to choose. It has helped a bit to calm my anxious spirit, however, when I look down at my wrist, I have the best answer of all..choose joy. For me, this means three things.

Firstly, joy is one of God’s Fruits of the Spirit! So any choice made based upon what brings my spirit joy, has to be the right one for my life. Y’all know I’m on a constant and consistent journey to strengthen my Faith walk, so it feels right to have my choices grounded spiritually. This was reinforced when I came across Isaiah 61:7 as my verse of the day on yesterday. It says, “Instead of shame and dishonor, you will enjoy a double share of honor. You will possess a double potion of prosperity in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.” How awesome is that?! So why not choose joy when you have this promise from God given to you by His word?!

Secondly, there is joy to be found in the everyday chaos  and even in the calm of little things. I am learning that even in “the struggle” I can choose to find  joy because I know that on the other side of it is a blessing! That alone brings me great joy to know! When things don’t seem to go as smoothly as I desire them to and I must decide how to approach it, I often go to the panicky, frustrated side first and then in my “talk” with God, He shares with me (time and time again) that in order to have what I want, I always (and I mean always) go through something. But He never fails me…he reminds me that it is worth it and joy comes in the morning.

Lastly, choosing joy is an inside job. It takes work to come out of some of your negative feelings to choose something as beautiful as joy. But the more I experience it, I see how it helps to bring me a sense of peace, helps me to create the life I want to live. When I need to become centered again, I look at my bangle and think, what can I do to bring joy to my life right now? Often, the answer is also finding ways to share that joy with others especially when they need it most.

I’m smiling and slighlty laughing at how something so simple as a bangle with a phrase stamped on it has impacted the way I make choices in my life now. But hey..whatever works and makes life more simple and pleasurable, right?!

Share with me what you do to make life more simple for you, especially when it comes to making decisions and choices for you!

Living in the Light, 





What’s in your bag?


In my job as a Professional School Counselor, I’m often discussing with my students about the importance of remembering that everyone has “stuff in their bags”. At first, they often give me a weird, but quizzical look.  Then I let them in on the “secret” by saying that we are all going through something in our lives-whether it’s emotional, physical, or mental. We all have our “stuff ” or as they say “issues”. Well…that’s our “bag”!

Now the lesson that comes to play here is that you,as an outsider, don’t have any clue how “heavy” other’s bags are nor how much longer they can carry it, or even how much more they carry! So it’s so important to treat everyone with a little more tenderness and care. The world is a hard place and that they just don’t need to be anyone’s addition to their “bags”.

I wanted to share this with you all today because I was thinking of my own bag. And I’m going to be honest…today it feels heavy! Initially I wanted to vent and complain about this. Shoot even throw it over to the side somewhere! But as Louise, my grandmother, would say, it wouldn’t do a bit of good. So why bother? I also try to keep in mind that when I complain, I also need to bring a solution in its place.

Therefore, what is the solution to this burden I’m carrying?! Well, first thing first…an attitude of gratitude! I’m grateful for my life! I live it and I love it. May not care for what happens in every single moment of each day, but it’s mine to make the most of. Expressing and thinking of what I’m grateful for always lightens my mood and take something or another “out of my bag”.  Another solution or thought is  to not be fearful of the bag…don’t harp on how heavy it is or how heavy it can be. It’s a testament to my living, my choices and even other’s love and belief in me! It’s my dash (The Dash)!

And speaking of belief…have y’all been catching the docu-series by Oprah, “Belief”?! I have been enjoying it so much! Learning a lot and extending my belief in God and the goodness in humanity. Share your thoughts with me!! What’s in your bag? What are you believing in?

Living in the Light,



Strength in Numbers


As I reflect on some recent events in the lives of those I care for, cherish and love, the old adage about the hand being more mighty when the fingers are formed in a fist comes to mind. They are together…strong!! Separated they are fragile.

That’s how one’s village should work and be. Lately I’ve had similar discussions with others about the sense of what a village is and its importance to our present society. As my mother pointed out, The Front Porch Society was where as a people we sought our help and therapy. The village took care of you when you needed it most. They even made sure that all of the children were supported and advocated for in schools. There was strength in those…numbers.

Today we are scattered all over the place, even within family units. We are left vulnerable and sometimes defenseless. Even angry, afraid and without solutions. After reflecting, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not only important but vital to our productivity, existence and well being to identify who’s in our village, why and how to maintain it! Who will you count on as a strength in your number?

Living in the light,