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Hello Sunshines!

I have had about a million posts written in my head, but some how they did not make it here! As my grad classes are beginning to wind down, things at the full-time have been heating up (busy, busy, busy…no bon bon eating over here!). I have also been looking into all types of opportunities for MochaChic (she is my next project after I get my degree next month). Here’s a quick recap of what’s been happening…

 Ilovemyfro Won this great product, Shea Butter Whip, from the Scandal Google Hangout hosted by Diary of a Natural Girl (Jamila) and it’s from I Love My Fro…I use it after I wash my transitioning tresses and so far it is a keeper! Can’t wait to order more products from I Love My Fro.

AngelBeautyBoxSept AngelBeautyBoxSept13Next up is my second box from Angel Beauty Box…this monthly beauty products subscription has made me cancel the other one I had going on! Such good products that I really use!! Not a waste of the small investment at all! Please be sure to join in for the next box http://www.angelbeautybox.com!

fall boots

Since I’m upping my beauty products, I’ve also been working on my wardrobe. I love Fall because of the boots, sweaters, leggings, coats, and scarves….whoo!!! I just love…I also fell in love with these boots and see how perfect they match my new bag (courtesy of bday gift from Mommie!).

I am in need of increasing my writing here on my wonderful blog…so I’m considering participating in the November NaBloPoMo with BlogHer to challenge myself to write on a daily basis! Check out some of the other blogs that are participating too!


The Hubbs and I are on our way to Charlotte and I’m excited to see what that lovely city holds for us. It was on my short list of places to consider for a change of life location but I hadn’t ever visited before. Will share more of our adventures!
Living in the Sunshine,


Flaws and all…

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself”

-Maya Angelou

Naturally Me

Naturally Me

The road to my next birthday is such a journey in reflection…of who I was, who I am, and mostly who I am becoming and want to be! I never thought that at this point in my life would I not be quite sure of any of that. But the first step in understanding is admission.

Like every other person, I know that I am not perfect. I’m a good person, but I definitely have my moments and at times lack judgement. I have also found myself trying to validate who I am by comparison. We all know that won’t work! All of which is making me think of my flaws. A flaw is defined as an imperfection; something that mars perfection.

I was moved to talk about this today because a  friend of mine mentioned the lyrics to this Stacy Barthe song to me and that they viewed me as being genuine and a sincere person. I love that! For the good Lord knows that I am always trying to better. And just as much as I received that “love”, I know that I have my flaws. Just happy that others accept me as the beautiful creature I am and trying to become…flaws and all! And it might be time for me to accept them too, not apologize for them, because no one is perfect.

Living in the Sunshine,


The Struggle is real…but I’m finding peace

Hi y’all! I know that it’s been a while, but this little summer break thing got off to a busy start! Instead of me being able to be a southern belle of leisure…I’ve been doing homework, spending time with friends/sorors, getting a new ‘do (check the beautiful Senegalese Twists that took hourrrsss to get done), starting to exercise more and beginning a few DIY projects around the house. But I’m loving it!! I’m actually finding happiness and peace in all of the things I’ve been doing! Check out the pics:

Having fun:

me and summer hat love

A quick photo shoot!

DIY project:


Before/During (it was black)


After Beautiful White!

Checking off my Living to the fullest list:


Whitewater rafting was the Best!

And exercising:

have to start somewhere

Trying to make the bicycle my friend…


Using the Fitness Pal App to track progress

     Going to go off now and enjoy the rest of the summer! What have you been inspired to do this summer? Is it helping you to focus and gain peace in your life?

Living in the Sunshine,


This I know…

Just some things in life you know to be true. One that has crossed my mind this evening is this…God is a God of opportunities. I am waiting (trying to be patient about it) for my window to open because the “doors” continue to slam closed when I approach them. But what I know is that God has his plan and that is what I must keep in mind to follow. The blessing is coming so in the meanwhile I continue to wait and sow! Happy Sunday!


Living in the Sunshine,

Whateva Wednesday

Happy Wonderful! Even though it’s only a four day week at the full-time..it is quite a busy one (as always)! However…there have been “messages” spoken to me all day and I just have to share (in no particular order of course).

1. My passion is pushing through! The more I keep working in counseling, the more I see its benefits (for all, but especially kids) and what is needed to fully be able to do greatness with this. I’ve been praying and asking God for my “purpose and passion” to reveal itself and slowly I believe this is becoming the case. I have big ideas and getting excited about the possibilities!


2.  Today’s date just struck me because of all of the 3’s in it. I love the number 3…means completion. Along with that I also kept hearing the message about “waiting” and that you should still be “doing” while you wait. As well as message of being in the present creates happiness for you (not anyone nor anything else…only YOU can do that for YOU!).  I am always finding ways to increase my faith and focus on what I need to do for this creates happiness for me. So often I have to remember to be still…

3. I am looking forward to doing some more DIY projects in the near future (it is past time to do something new around this place). I can’t wait to post some of them once they are complete. However…I’m thinking of how I can possibly change things around for it to feel and look more different…sigh..I’m ready to move! 🙂 but given the economy and etc. it will be a process that will happen soon but again..will take time. Then I came across this quote and loved it! Definitely applies to this “problem” or any of them for that matter! Definitely will be striving for a new attitude…



Lastly, I have been using the phrase, “living in the sunshine of my life” when people ask how I am doing. I kind of like it and definitely makes me feel a lot happier and positive vibes are coming this way! So remember, look for laughter in everyday, love the life and moment you are in, and live in the sunshine!


*pictures from Pinterest

Peace, Life, Love, Faith

Maniac Monday



This has been the theme of my life lately. But I honestly can’t help it! I just seem to work better under a little stress! I love my full time gig, but some days I don’t know how I made it through…today was one of those days! But it is also one of the reasons why I love it…no day is ever the same and I just have to work under pressure a little. Challenge myself more than the day before. Even at the last minute!

Peace, Life, Love, Faith