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We often eat out around the city and have discovered quite a few gems of restos in Atlanta. Yesterday for our book club gathering we visited Yebo at Phipps Plaza. Yebo serves South African cuisine in an intimate space that was decorated in neutral tones that also incorporated very textures ( loved it and want a room done similar in our new home). We sat at a round wooden table, which I really liked because it helps to facilitate great conversations ( we did being up some good stuff…more to come on those) and you are able to see everyone. The food was delish! I had a fried chicken dish that included a peri-peri sauce (kinda like a hot sauce…yum) , atop a corn purée and a side of bacon collards. I accompanied this with a glass of Riesling. All if it was wonderful and everyone else enjoyed their meals ranging from fish tacos to bobotie(a traditional South African dish). Oh and I can’t forget about the red bean hummus that the girls made me try and ended up being pretty tasty. I am looking forward to a date night here with the Hubbs to get his thoughts on it. However I do suggest that you give it a try and enjoy yourself!


The meaning behind the name…

And oh yes the book…”Invention of Wings” by Sue Monk Kidd was the topic and we will have to continue our discussion. But so far it’s a pretty good read!

Be sure to let me know what you think if you happen to visit Yebo!
Living in the Sunshine,


Sunday Visiting






On Sunday, my sister and I had a date to one of the places we have always talked about visiting! And one can not be a true native of Atlanta without going to this historic spot!
Some months ago I purchased a Hand-picked Scoutmob deal (shouts out to Scoutmob….please get to know them and their great deals!) for a hour and half guided walking tour of Oakland Cemetery. Creepy sounding, at first, I know…but what a great learning experience it was! Our guide was very knowledgeable and didn’t mind sharing little nuggets of history throughout the day.
Established in 1850, Oakland is now the forever home of 70,000 Atlanta residents and quite a few are notable…Maynard Jackson, Bobby Jones, Margaret Mitchell, and the Rich brothers. Among the sites we noticed many resting places of families for which streets, cities/areas, and landmarks are named for. There are also an African-American, Jewish, and Civil War soldiers’ sections in the cemetery. We plan to return in a few weeks for the tour of the African-American history (can’t wait to share that!). The entire place was so beautiful and serene, therefore giving me opportunities to reflect on who those people may have been, the impact of their lives on our city, and what legacy will my family and I imprint.
By learning more about my beloved city, I feel that my roots are growing deeper and wider. There is much more work to do, but it was great to begin with the end in mind!

Living in the Sunshine,

New music=New mood

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I don’t know about you, but often when I hear new music…it puts me into a new frame of mind and mood! I love discovering artists that are not always mainstreamed but really can sing and produce beautiful music! Here are two that I have come across this week and think I will be adding to my collection. Let me know what you think and if you have others that I should check out! Good listening!

Stacy Barthe, “Find your way”


Iyeoka, “Simply Falling”


Peace, Life, Love, Faith

A Great Weekend

I  started out thinking that I didn’t want to share our fab date idea (I think we are going to adopt it as a monthly event!) that just so happen to come about over the weekend!But some things are for sharing….!

It kind of started with me, earlier in the week and on impulse, purchasing tickets for us to the Saturday night improv comedy show. We were definitely looking forward to relaxing and some laughter! Then on Saturday, the Hubbs said he was surprising me with a lunch date and it was to somewhere we hadn’t been yet! I was intrigued to know, but I also like good surprises so I just waited to see where he was sweeping me off to. So slowly this whole day date was forming….

We went to a restaurant that both of us have passed on numerous occasions in the Highland area….Burger Tap (www.burgertap.com). The food was good and we were able to sit out on their patio, which was perfect… The weather on Saturday was absolutely superb! We both ended up commenting on how we were full, but not so much that we were sluggish. So we continued our afternoon by walking to other places in the area. We even stopped to have beverages at a place called, The Family Dog (www.thefamilydogatlanta.com).  We wanted to see if it was also a place that we could bring our doggie to hang out at (only outside of their patio is he welcomed :-/). However, we were not completely let down…this place had a huge assortment of beverages and the menu didn’t look too bad! I decided instead of a glass of wine (which I was always get), I ordered a cocktail, The Short Leash. Soooo yummie!

Then we ventured on home for a bit to rest and get ready for the improv show! The Hubbs had never been to one before and it has been ages since I had gone to one too. So we were excited to continue on our date! Many laughs and a few drinks later…I figured out that today was the type of date that we need to have every month! And that it didn’t take much planning! It also focuses on my favorite theme for our journey…LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!

We ended up topping off the night with a late night dinner of appetizers at another place, the Bucket Shop (www.bucketshopcafe.com) we have always wanted to go to and a good friend who works there had been encouraging the Hubbs to come by! And what fun we had! Great food, great drinks, and great conversations…please be sure to check them out sometimes!

We lived by going to places we hadn’t been before but wanted to try!

We laughed by going to the improv comedy show and letting ourselves loose and enjoying it!

We loved because what a better way to show someone how much you love them by spending quality time together, and well you know more of that “show and tell of lovin” took place later (we are newlyweds!)….*frisky smile*

This weekend left us wanting to experience more together and making memories is a priority for us! I can’t wait to see what happens with next month’s LLLDate!

How was your weekend? What is a great date you have been on that you want you to share?!

Peace, Life, Love, Faith

New Year’s Eve

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”
―Hal Borland

Whatever you may do this evening to celebrate the new year’s entrance, I hope that it is wonderful, great, exciting, and meaningful to you in some way!
We are about to enter a fascinating time in our lives and should welcome it with open arms! Take the mistakes, regrets, lessons learned of last year and make them into the wisdom we need to do great things in 2010.
See you in the New Year!
Love, Laugh, Live

The Reason for the Season

On yesterday, I witnessed a close friend of mine get baptized! I believe that I was just as excited as she was. As she went through the ceremony, I began to think more about how this moment was what Christmas was about. God gave us his son and Christmas is the celebration of his birth. Well, in some ways I saw the baptism as a birth. It is a birth of one’s new spiritual connection to Christ and growth in spirituality. This is the real reason for the season.
In this time of giving of gifts, remember there are more important gifts to be given that can not be bought or found in any store. Give of yourself. Make promises to share your time, your love, your spirit. Wrap it all up in a pretty bow, set it under the tree. I will be so excited when it is unwrapped by loved ones and they see that I’ve given them something that is irreplacable and could not be “bought” on thier own. What a joy!

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2009!!!

I have resolved to not have any “resolutions” for this year, but rather Promises. I have had enough of disappointments, therefore, I know that I will be more apt to keep promises- especially those made to myself.
The best thing about these promises are that their foundation are based on doing something that many of us tend to not do on a daily basis.
It is nothing that is selfish nor narcissistic…it is about making yourself a top priority. Even if it is something as small as treating yourself to flowers or a massage. When you do this, you are able to be of better use to others and to the work that we know needs to be done in this new year.
Therefore, I dare you….put yourself first…feel it, act on it, embrace it, and BE IT!

Thank you for coming 2009…looking forward to legendary times!