She gets it from her momma


I awoke today with excitement. Not because the sky was crystal blue and the air feeling crisp and light letting me know that fall may reach us yet. Nor because it is Sunday, which is becoming one of my fav days of the week. It’s all because we get to celebrate the beautiful spirit that is my Mommie for today is her Bornday, her birthday, her Earthday!! I can’t say enough about how special of a person she is, not just to those that she loves and loves her. But to anyone who has the pleasure of her gracing their presence! 

The other day a friend remarked about my selflessness and it made me wonder where I may have gotten that from. Didn’t have to think long…I get it from my Mommie! There is no doubt that she gives of herself continuously and with a smile! I just love her for that. I’m even more happy to say that she is not only my Mommie but as I’ve grown, she has become one of my friends in my inner circle. I like to go to her for guidance and confiding in. I can only pray that I become half the woman she is today! 

This day and everyday, Mommie we celebrate you and love you! We thank God for you, your love, your compassion, your prayers, and life lessons! Happy birthday!!

Living in the light,

MochaChic (Court)



I keep doing this…

Sorry for leaving for so long Sunshines,

It’s been forever…and trust me in that it was never intentional! I keep starting and stopping this blog. Keep writing post in my head, but never to pen & paper nor the computer. I keep thinking about what direction to take this thing in. Or not becoming a blogger at all. But my creative side won’t die nor will my real life let it live. What to do?!? So I will say and honestly try to commit to posting on my lovebug and share my thoughts at least twice a week. I need this outlet and hope that it is able to help others out as well. Have a great day folks!

Living in the light,


ps. I’ve also been getting in the habit of developing an attitude of gratitude (yep, still on it!). Today I’m grateful that I was able to get on here quickly and renew my writing fire! What are you grateful for today? Looking to hear from y’all.


New Beginnings…

Can happen at anytime, SunShines!

For the past few weeks, each morning when I  would leave for work, I would notice this bird flying from underneath the roof of our parking garage. I begin to view as a “welcome”  to the day and a reminder to soar….be great!

But today was different for me and my little friend. I was just parking the car, getting bags out of the backseat, and closed the door when I hear a bunch of chirping. I looked up and saw my little feathery mate fly swiftly away. However, I kept looking and noticed a nest with  a little birdie in it! OHHHHH how sweet! Was totally not expecting that! However, as I was walking away with a smile on my face, I began to think that it was not only a reminder but also a sign to me that new beginnings are on the horizon. Thank you God for the beautiful verification… I receive it!

Living in the light,


2015-05-20 07.41.14

Joy! Joy! Joy!

Let’s raise a joyful noise…it’s 2015, SunShines!! I can’t share enough about how excited I am about this new year. So far it’s off to a wonderful start..I’m ready for new beginnings of forward thinking and movement! So I’ve been reading, praying/meditating, making new routines, changing out some old habits, and most of all forming my vision for this year! Everything in me and what I’ve been reading has said that in order for my vision to come to its fruition I must plant the seed and keep it in front of me consistently. Therefore, I choose one little word to focus my thoughts and plans…JOY! Then I took some time one afternoon to create a vision board. This was my second year in doing this and I found it be a wonderful exercise of truly thinking what I want in my life for this year. Last year’s was good..but this year’s board I’m so in love with!! I keep staring at it and have placed it in a spot that I can look at it when I wake up and go to bed. Which is perfect for me to keep my vision in front of me…


After working on the board, I was then able to write down more specific goals…not resolutions…goals! I am also trying something new where I will try to meet my goals within a 90 day period before I either move on to something else or build upon the goal I was focusing on (which is more than likely what I will do).  I’ve also made sure that I scheduled on my calendar Me Dates which are monthly and I want to make sure that I’m doing something cool and nice for me…this will be refreshing! Oh Joy! I can’t wait to see what this year holds for me and all that I love!

Did you create a vision board? What plans are you keeping in front of you that you want to see come to pass this year?

2014 in review

In order to know where we need to go in 2015, we must know where we were this year. Aye! Wasn’t what I would have like it to be, but at least there is room to grow. And grow we will! Have so many ideas and inspirations swirling in my head! Hoping that I’m brave enough to share! So here we go… about last year…

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 340 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

‘Tis the Season

Hello SunShines! I could go on and on about how crazy life has been. But I won’t…for it’s the Christmas season and I have been preparing my home, our gifts and most importantly my heart for the Holiday. I am also remembering what the true meaning of the season is. And that alone fills me with peace, joy, comfort, and rest!! I’m so grateful for the reason of this season! Keep it in mind as we approach Jesus’ Birthday (as my youngest niece says)!


Wishing you all love & light,

Where art thou?!?

IMG_4997Sunshines! I know that I’ve been missing in action…and way too long this time! But things have been busy in my offline life! However, lately I’ve been craving groundedness and creativity! So here I am…falling back in love with my sidegame (this place called my blog!). I need this place to express myself, set some goals…hold myself accountable, and hopefully inspire others!

But as I return, I wonder…why do people read blogs?! Who are they? What do they want to get from the blogs that they read? I need to know these things so that I can be sure that I’m doing right by this space and honoring those who support me by reading it! So please be sure to comment and let me know! Have a blessed day y’all!